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Formed by the team after years of experience of the Artificial Grass Market we saw where we could bring more value to the end user whilst building a company, we could be proud of.

By offering customers Industry leading fitting techniques combined with access to the best deals in the market we think we have come up with something unrivaled in the Sussex markets offering highest quality with the keenest of pricing and our customers are agreeing with us!

Our Projects

Have a look at some of our past work and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us

BN Artificial Grass Brighton Project 1 before ImageBN Artificial Grass Brighton Project 1 after Image

BN Artificial Grass Brighton Project Before ImageBN Artificial Grass Brighton Project after Image

BN Artificial Grass Brighton Project 2 Before ImageBN Artificial Grass Brighton Project 2 After Image

We have over 25 years’ experience in fitting Artificial Grass and all things landscape Gardening meaning we have experience in all matters and enjoy working with the customers to get the most out of any outdoor space. We have worked on large commercial covering to small City gardens and genuinely don’t have a preference, so please contact us with the smallest or largest of enquires as no job is too bog or small for our team. Our team of Artificial Grass Installers and fitter combined with our access to the latest and best value grass products on the market mean BN Artificial Grass Brighton is rapidly becoming one of the leading Garden companies in Sussex and the South Coast.

BN Artificial Grass Brighton specialise in catering for needs of local businesses and residences that are looking to transform the outdoor space with Fake Grass or a synthetic Lawn in the Brighton and Sussex area.

Our reviews name us as being top rated and we pride ourselves as putting the customer central to everything we do. Apart from creating wonderful garden one of the this we are most proud of is our customer retention and customer referrals.

Perfect for Children

Perfect for Children

Artificial grass is great for the children to be able to play outside all of the year and you can also say goodbye to muddy footprints!

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is a great solution for pet owners who want a nice lawn as well as their favourite pet.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

The ultimate solution to low maintenance gardening. Take back your weekends and thwo away the Lawn mower

Benefits of Artificial Grass

How about mixing some tradition with convenience of the modern era to create something beautiful? Everyone love a great lawn, but it does come with a lot of upkeep. Historically if you didn’t want the maintenance it was often concreted over, however now there is a great alternative in Artificial grass. With recent advancements synthetic grass has been tailor made to make life easier and as is as natural looking as you can get.

We have outlined below the advantages of opting for artificial grass

  • Maintenance Friendly and Evergreen
    You will never have to spend hours cutting the lawn, gathering grass and taking it to the tip anymore or pay for a gardener to do it. Your artificial grass lawn will also remain green no matter what the season.
  • 365 day play area
    Your artificial grass lawn can be a great place where children spend time outdoors and the grass would not wear off or develop bald patches. They will be able to get out side of the house play sports and games on a perfect surface every day without the worry of mud feet.
  • Dog Friendly
    Your dog will love the artificial grass and as a dog owner you never need to deal with muddy feet ever again! Also, the drainage system in the grass ensures it is easy to clean and your pet can’t dig it up either.
  • Swimming Pools
    Artificial grass will make for a pleasing sight around swimming pools and they will make for a buffer zone so you don’t carry dirt into the pool
  • Tenants Friendly
    Artificial grass lawn will make your house look beautiful and if you are looking to attract tenants to the house, this is the way to do it. Moreover, when the tenant knows, it requires almost zero maintenance. As a landlord, you will not have to worry about the condition of the lawn
  • Roof Gardens
    Artificial grass would also make for a beautiful roof garden. They don’t require water and sunlight and never grow so you won’t ever have to worry about anything
  • Conserve Water
    Close to 250ltrs of water is consumed per person per day globally. By opting for artificial grass which need no water, you save on your water bills and at the same conserve a precious resource
  • They were excellent. Friendly and professional and we love the transformation to our garden

    June Francis
    June Francis
  • Would certainly recommend. Top class from start to finish and we love our garden.

    Terry Smith
    Terry Smith

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Frequently Ask Questions

How Much will it costs me?

The total costs are a total of three things really.

  1. Preparation of the sub Base. This does depend as to the drainage of the site and also the underlaying soul, but fairly easily calculated on a per metre and time basis.
  2. The cost of the Artificial Grass and back fill
  3. The ease of access and disposal of the turf and soil

Generally, we work on a total price for the total project, but generally jobs can cost from £45 and £100 per square metre for either very fiddly jobs or for special grass requirements. The best thing to do is to arrange for a free, no pressure, no obligation site visit and quotation from us. Book in below!

Do we travel far for a Job?

Generally, yes. We are happy to undertake all jobs within a 20-30 mile radius and for larger jobs we would be happy to travel further than that so don’t hesitate to call us. This means we regular cover the following towns and surrounding areas: Brighton, Lewes, Eastbourne, Haywards Heath, Crawley, Horsham and Worthing and all surrounding areas in Sussex!

Is Artificial Grass good with Animals?

This is a common question and there are some very small considerations to take on board, but Yes, absolutely! NO MORE MUDDY PAW PRINTS!! One of the beauties of Artificial Grass is that you can use it 365 days of the year and you don’t have to worry about mud or mess. If laying with animal we tend to create a more porous sub base to encourage drainage, and there are specific grasses designed for animals as well, but generally you lift off any mess, wash off and we advise the use of a mild detergent then modern artificial grass are excellent for 15 plus years with animals.

Find out why we are one of the top rated garden companies in the Brighton area.

Artificial grass is gaining in popularity for use in residential gardens, as alternatives to decking, animal and dog run solutions, business events and school playgrounds.

  • No more mowing
  • No more watering
  • No more costly lawn treatments
  • Ideal surface for children and pets
  • Ideal for hay fever sufferers
  • Fully recyclable product

Why BN Artificial Grass Brighton?

  1. We are not tied to any particular supplier as a lot of companies are and decided which products we used entirely based on what is the best product for each project. Mean bring the value directly to the customer meaning most of the tome you will get more product for your money.
  2. The team has a broad range of experience in all things Landscape gardening and our job s to make the most of your garden. We can lay patios, pathways, decking, raised beds or fencing and happy to pass on our experience and knowledge as and when required.
  3. We are friendly and professional and are easy to work with!

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Our Projects

Our experience spans outdoor spaces of varying shapes and sizes. We work within domestic gardens as well as schools, nurseries and events! Take a look at some of our most recent artificial grass installations here!

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