Brighton Artificial Grass Installation

There are many ways to lay artificial grass, but we will never cut corners to ensure your lawn retains integrity throughout its life.
Generally, we will dig down and remove between 50- 80 mm of turf and soil from the garden is we are laying.

We then create a boarder around the lawn, straight edges or curved and then re fill with a combination of subbase depending on the sites needs.
This had two purposes really to ensure there is a firm base and also to allow correct drainage. Finally, if needed we will put a very thin layer of sharp sand and pack and flatten down so that your new lawn will be as flat as a bowling green.

We then proceed and lay the grass.

We lay to ensure that the grass both looks best, retain longevity and also that it joins together in the best way for each site. Grass roll either come at 2, 3 or 4 m wide strips so there is usually a series of joins that need to be negotiated.

We always visit the site at least twice before any project start to access several factors and then after discussion with the client we will present one or even two proposals of how to complete the job.

Every installation has to start with a site visit, so why not arrange your own free, no pressure inspection visit so we can assess the site and talk through the options for a brand new, perfect, low maintenance synthetic lawn that you will be able to enjoy 365 days of the year!

Artificial Grass Installation

With a few easy steps transform any patch of land into a beautiful green space by installing artificial grass. We have listed here the step by step process for you.

  1. Remove top layer
    As a first step we remove all existing grass, soil, weeds using a turf cutter and dig down up to 80 mm and where feasible flatten the surface to clear the place for a solid sub base.
  2. Frame edge
    We would then frame the area either with wood, or even brick to firmly hold the base material in place and to secure the grass to.
  3. Sub Base
    We would then lump in a between 40-60 mm of aggregate flatten and compact. ground on which to lay the grass. The Type base can be either a grano dust base which is a fine grained hard -wearing granite or it can be a type 1 MOT sub structure- which are crushed stones. They are spread evenly on the surface up to the level of the wooden frame.
  4. Compacting Base
    The base then needs to be compacted using special equipment for a smooth finish which lowers the base to 1mm below the edging frame. A thin layer of Sharp sand- sand that has a gritty texture- is spread on the base and compacted for a smooth finish and raked level with the edging frame. The grano dust base doesn’t require an additional layer of sharp sand, so the compacted surface should be level with the wooden frame. Where animals are frequently using the grass we sometime propose to leave a more porous base layer to encourage drainage.
  5. Geotextile Weed Membrane
    A geotextile weed membrane is laid out on top of the compacted base to prevent weeds growing from below the base. As well as restricting plant growth it will als have an effect of keeping the sub base together a bit more.
  6. Installing Shock Pad (Optional)
    In play areas or where small children are often playing we would lay a shock pad or second membrane on top of the base provides extra cushion and adds a safety feature for children playing on the grass. (or if you are not laying on grass , like a sub terrace)
  7. Fixing the grass
    Cut the grass turf in the required size with enough to be tucked in. To join two pieces of grass, butt them together properly and make them stick using joining tape and glue. A bit easier than it sounds. Then we secure the edges 6 inches apart.
  8. Power Brush
    Finally, a power brush is used to lift the blade grass and then durafill sand is spread evenly on the turf that provides more weight and makes the grass blades stay upright.
  • They were excellent. Friendly and professional and we love the transformation to our garden

    June Francis
    June Francis
  • Would certainly recommend. Top class from start to finish and we love our garden.

    Terry Smith
    Terry Smith

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